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1999 - The web was still dial up, we still went to the library and used land-lines to make plans. That was also the year I graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Graphic Design. I left knowing and loving the foundations of design, learning mostly about print. 


After graduation, I joined Cubist Media Group in Philly, and learned on-the-job about motion graphics, post production and interactive design. After 14 amazing years there, I moved on to Center City Film and Video and took on a more managerial role while still flexing my design skills.


The one thing that has remained consistent for me throughout my career- I enjoying meeting and working alongside many types of clients, but especially those with their own small business or have a passion that has turned into a non-profit. Making people happy is what I do best. I am flexible in how we can work together to reach your goals and stay within your budget. As a "Swiss Army Knife" designer - I can work in a Powerpoint just as comfortably as I can in After Effects. Yes! I said PowerPoint.

My passion for non-profits has led me to volunteer my time for one - Lifecycle WomanCare - where I currently serve as VP of the board. LWC provides exceptional healthcare and maternity/birth services for women of all ages, and I was honored to birth both of my kids at their birth center.

When I'm not taking care of my two kids, or reading, or playing Candy Crush, or chillin with my husband, I really do enjoy long walks with my dog, Franklin.

To read what some nice people had to say about me, visit my LinkedIn profile.
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