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LaNella Hooper Williams

Logo for a personal branding strategist


Menu design for a behind the scenes look at the NFL

"Luna" Poster

Smashing Pumpkins lyrics composed for a new baby's bedroom


Print collateral to promote the Waldorf school

Red Coat Audio

Logo design for a Brit sound designer & composer

Sweet Tooth Philadelphia

Logo for candy store off of the famous South Street in Philadelphia

Book Worms Early Learning Center

Logo for Philadelphia daycare

East Falls Community Council

Promotional T-shirt for the Community Council in East Falls, PA. The design reflected the area's love for their life on the river.

Fantasy Foundation

Logo for charity concept that combines fantasy football and giving.

Sherri S. Gendelman

Logo for cancer research fund, named in honor of Sherri, a lover of life and dancing.

Green Sunday Holiday Fair

Logo for a "green" holiday fair, where locals can swap, craft and sell their wares.

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